Saturday, 1 December 2012

Day One: 'Letter to Santa' by Mark Niel

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I don’t want an X box
Kinnect or DS2
DVDs or MP3s
Are not what I want from you

Tell your elves to take a break
Their list is one name short
But I’ll still leave Rudolph a carrot
And you a glass of port

I promise I have been good this year
Don’t think this my confession
It’s just a commercial Christmas
Seems perverse in times of recession

Give your gifts to the more deserving
The poor and homeless and needy
I’m blessed with most things a man might want
And any more would just be greedy

Instead please send me patience
And love and understanding
Help me be a better person
In days that are so demanding

Give me time to spend with family
Goodwill to share with friends
Peace and compassion for the human race
And charity that never ends

You see, presents in the absence of love
Bring only short-lived cheer
So help us all take the spirit of Christmas
And make it last all year

Mark Niel

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  1. Here, here - wish eveyone would think like that.